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Launched in 2007, internet-based Semperlite.com has exploded in growth while still remaining a small business atmosphere. We started this business to help customers find specialty lighting items, along with being able to offer replacement solutions to discontinued items that actually will fit and work just like the original. Here at Semperlite.com the founders have over 75 years of combined lighting experience in electrical, manufacturing, wholesale, installation, and engineering. With that experience, we saw that many lighting items are discontinued by manufacturers, and the replacement item suggested was either too long, different wiring, required additional parts or was flat out incorrect. So instead of trying to become the largest online lighting store Semperlite.com set out to become the best technical online lighting supplier.

When an item is discontinued by a supplier or manufacturer, we do not remove all existence of that item from our store, nor do we leave it with a note at the bottom that you would never notice saying a different item would ship if ordered. We leave the obsolete item, but do remove the but it now button, and in place of it we have a link to a suggested replacement made by our Technical Support team. Our Technical Support team does not just put an item the manufacturer claims to be the new version or replacement, they verify all details and if they have found a different item that would better replace it then that is the item they suggest.

With the goal in mind to become the best technical online retailer of lighting products we have created an in-depth cross reference from product categories such as; Ballasts, Lampholders, Sockets, Capacitors, Transformers, LED Drivers, Under-Cabinet Fixtures any many more categories. Because of our companies deep understanding of wiring and installation of lighting products, we can supply cross reference wiring diagrams, assist with how to correctly test your item and/or point you in the right direction whether you are a customer or not.

Along with the technical knowledge we offer, we found it a must to be able to ship all in stock orders the same day. So, you will not have the problem at Semperlite.com you do with other lighting stores where your order never ships, never get a correct estimated ship date nor just ignore your requests.

We here at Semperlite are offering lighting products online with a wholesaler’s point of view. We try to make sure you get the most out of your commerce experience. But don’t take our word for it. Try it out, or contact us and see for yourself why we’re the best not the biggest online lighting retailer.

We are an on-demand lighting specialty distributor. We do not have brands or items we try to sell you on, we simply listen to customers and then stock the items and brands they have requested. We have been online since 2007 and have over 75 years of lighting knowledge between our 2 head tech support managers. If it’s an item in one of our categories of items we sell we will be able to get it or suggest an alternative.

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